ARA Clip - Set


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Product Specifications

ARA Clip - Set

The ARA shelf clip is a support that can be used with glass or wooden shelves. The size and strength of this clip provide great versatility. The small size of the ARA clip is perfect for creating strong storage solutions in small spaces. The clip can be adjusted to accommodate various shelf sizes.

Shelf Compatibility

Shelf Material: Wood, Composite, or Glass
Shelf Thickness: 0.2 - 0.98 in
Shelf Depth: up to 13.8 in
Shelf Length: up to 31.5 in

For shelves longer than 31.5 in, we recommend using at least 3 shelf supports.

Shelf Board Sold Separately


Product Dimensions: 1.8 in L x 4.1 in D x 4.5 in H
Product Material: Die-Cast Zinc
Weight Capacity per Pair: 33 lbs
2 Shelf Supports
Includes the hardware needed
to mount the support
Designed in Europe
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