FOLD Bracket

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11.8 in11.8 in
15.7 in15.7 in
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Product Specifications

FOLD Bracket

The FOLD bracket is a wall bracket that creates a table or worktop that can be opened and closed. Use this bracket to create a strong table top or counter that can easily be folded down. The strength of the bracket makes it stand out from our other supports.

The hinge allows the bracket to be folded and locked into place at an angle of 70 degrees, 80 degrees, or 90 degrees. When you aren't using the surface, simple fold the bracket all the way down to 0 degree. Use this bracket to create a small dining table, a collapsible ironing board surface, or a table on your balcony. Available in two sizes, the FOLD bracket is the perfect space saving solution.

Shelf Compatibility

Shelf Material: Wood or Composite
Shelf Thickness:
Shelf Depth: up to 18 in

Choose a shelf board that matches the depth of the bracket to ensure maximum stability and strength for your shelf.
Shelf Length: up to 31.5 in

For shelves longer than 31.5 in, we recommend using at least 3 shelf supports.

Shelf Board Sold Separately


Product Material: Galvanized Steel
Weight Capacity per Pair
11.8 in D x 7.9 in H: 110 lbs
15.7 in D x 10.6 in H: 220 lbs
1 Shelf Support
Hardware and shelf board sold separately
Designed in Europe
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