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Item: 27555
Product Specifications


The SUMO Collection makes the perfect shelf for anywhere in the kitchen, office, or living room. High-qualify shelf boards and minimalistic brackets create strong and durable shelving solutions. Combine any of our SUMO products to achieve a modern look with high functionality.

The SUMO Belt bracket is a slim and stable bracket that provides shelving that is readily accessible at all times. Slide the shelf boards into the channel of the bracket and secure it with offset bore holes on the bottom of the bracket. Create additional storage space by extending the shelves out to either side. Use the bracket as a connector between two shelf boards and build and an entire row of shelves.

Shelf Compatibility

Shelf Material: Wood or Composite
Shelf Thickness: 0.98 in
Shelf Depth: 11.8 in
Shelf Length: up to 45.3 in

For shelves longer than 45.3 in, we recommend using at least 3 shelf supports.

Shelf Board Sold Separately


Product Dimensions: 1.2 in L x 12.3 in D x 4.3 in H
Product Material: Aluminum
Weight Capacity per Pair: 88 lbs
1 Shelf Support
Includes the hardware needed
to mount the support
Designed in Europe
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